Tips for New Employees

Tips for New EmployeesWhether this is your first job or your  10th, you are the new kid on the block and need to make a positive impression. Start off on the right foot by following these simple tips.

Learn the job before suggesting changes
I have had new employees who are so eager to make their mark in the company that they show up on their first day, ready to revolutionize what we do. I sit them down and explain that I am always open to new ways of doing a process, but that they must learn our current procedures and how we do things before they suggest any changes. This is a good rule to keep in mind for any new employee, no matter the job. Even if you know a faster, better way to do something, try it their way first.

Form your own opinion
Employees talk. When you first start working for a new company, your coworkers will likely tell you all the things they can’t stand about the company, their coworkers and management. Keep an open mind and take their stories with a grain of salt; remember that you have only heard one side of the story.

Ask questions
Sometimes asking a question is tough to do, however, the only wrong question is the one you never asked. If the answer cannot be found in any of the documentation, training manuals or existing resources that were provided to you, then you must ask. How can you expect to be a success if you do not arm yourself with the information that will get you there?

Learning a new job can be very challenging; it can be a bumpy road. There may be days when you head home wondering if you made the right choice; leave that feeling at home. Get up the next day with a fresh perspective. Head to work believing it is a new chance to get it right. Keeping a positive outlook, as best you can, will provide the momentum you need to get over the next hurdle.


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