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A few years back, MVI created a daily “huddle,” which as the name suggests, consists of all of the employees gathering around a “huddle board” to start off the morning. On this board, we list weekly goals, issues, our daily schedule, and who will be telecommuting on a given day. We’ve found this practice serves a few different purposes:

1) Helps to visualize your day ahead- Part of our morning huddle includes each employee’s “plan” for the day. This allows you to roughly estimate your goals for the day, and gets you in tune with what each other’s hurdles may be that day.

2) Builds Camaraderie- Some of us work with each other consistently, while others work primarily on their own. This brief meeting in the morning allows us all to gather together, as a group, to get more connected with one another. Those who are more on the shy side have said this daily routine has made them more comfortable talking with others in the company.

3) Enhances Communication- The huddle serves as a great arena to air any difficulties you’ve been experiencing, to alert others to when you may be out of the office, to announce company-wide notices, etc. Things run much more smoothly when everyone is on the same page.

4) Allows for Grievances to be Aired- Is someone swiping your food from the fridge? Are you sick of the lousy weather? Are we out of coffee? (You know, all of the important stuff). While it can and does include those annoyances, it also gives us a platform for discussing problems with projects or timelines. Or, if you’ve encountered a technical issue that could affect everyone, this would be a good time to let everyone know. This part lets everyone have a moment or two to vent, and more importantly, allows for brainstorming of solutions.

5) Allows for Recognition to be Heard- Has someone done an excellent job on a recent project? Are you grateful for a coworker who helped you out with a computer issue? This part of the huddle is a perfect time to shout out some praise.

Whether you term yours a huddle, meeting of the minds, morning jumpstart, or something completely unique to your company, this daily routine can bring unity and motivation to your employees.

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  • Bridgeport Regional Business Council

    We have found Tracy McCarthy and her staff to be competent, knowledgeable, and very easy to work with. They are essentially the face of the Business Council when contacting members about advertising, and we have every confidence in their professionalism when dealing with our members. Each year, they propose several designs and work with us to determine the “look” of the Directory and try to keep some sense of continuity while also differentiating it from the prior editions. Tracy and her staff also work with us on the timeline, meet the deadlines that they have agreed to, and provide tremendous assistance and flexibility in helping us stay on track to produce the Directory in the designated timeframe.

    Karen M. DelVecchio, IOM

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