Progression is Vital to a Company’s Longevity

“What is dangerous is not to evolve.” – Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of

Just as the leaves have changed colors in New England, spurring the start of another new season, change is inevitable. The business world is no different—employees come and go, technologies continue to evolve and you must adapt to these standards or risk falling behind.

As much as some people do not like change, in terms of business, it is pivotal to a company moving forward. Looking for ways to progress? Here are some ways to give momentum to your company.

New Hires

New people bring a fresh perspective, different strengths and can move a company towards greater successes. New management can be beneficial in reassessing a company’s goals and outlook, while new employees may have skills that can open up new avenues for your business. We’ve found there is always a learning curve to adjust to in the beginning stages, but ultimately new hires can lead to real growth for our company.

New Advancements

Growing with the times is equally as important to continued success. Especially in recent years with the emergence of social media on the forefront of connecting to potential consumers, it is almost unheard of for a company not to have some sort of connection on this level. MVI has made strides in this arena, developing Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts that are actively used, as well as the addition of Social Media Management to our repertoire.

New Perspective

If you are willing to change and step outside of your comfort zone, then you are willing to risk failure. I think many successful entrepreneurs and business leaders would say some of their greatest successes came out of their biggest setbacks. Through these hurdles, you learn what not to do in the future and are greater equipped with the tools you may need in your next endeavor. We’ve had ideas that did not take off as expected, but each has pushed us into reworking things or learning what not to do for future projects.


“Learning and innovation go hand in hand. The arrogance of success is to think that what you did yesterday will be sufficient for tomorrow.” –William Pollard

Continually seeking bigger, bolder products and inventions is what propels companies into the limelight. The key is not to give up on your idea, even if there are some naysayers or initial rejection. The most successful ideas usually come up against some sort of resistance. MVI recently launched a brand-new magazine, Snapshot, targeting potential new residents and businesses looking to move to the city of Stamford. We were up against ad sale goals, deadlines and a plethora of other obstacles, but with a lot of hard work and dedication from all parties involved, we were able to produce an outstanding piece. And since there is nothing like it out there right now, we are hopeful this unique magazine will continue to succeed and allow us to expand in the future to other cities.

A company that does not embrace change will go stagnant. One that accepts, implements and seeks change will always advance. We like to think of ourselves as the latter.

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  • YP

    This note to let you and your team know how much we appreciate the hard work MVI has put into the continued production of the Community Connections section in over 250 key directories throughout our 22 state foot print. Recognizing the product's transition to a new design and format over the past year along with several organizational shifts here at YP, I'd like to personally thank you for the dedicated team work and support your staff has provided to both the product team here at headquarters as well as the area marketing managers in the field.

    It seems no matter the challenge, your operations staff is always willing to sit down and brainstorm until a solution is reached that works for all parties involved in a timely manner. And as you well know, scheduling is a key factor in the success of publishing the number of yellow page directories that YP produces on an annual basis!

    The product manager for Community Connections just mentioned to me the other day how much she "appreciated working with a partner that gets it" and is "so professional and easy to work with". Again, thanks for all that you do for YP!

    Stephanie Shaw

    Senior Product Manager

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