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Exceed Their Expectations Exceed Their Expectations

Some might say customer service is dead. Gone are the days where the customer is always right, or someone will go out of his/her way to help you solve an issue. While that may be true for some companies out there, here at MVI we pride ourselves on giving outstanding service to our clients.

Here are some ways to provide top-notch service to make your company stand out:

-Make your client feel as if they are your one and only priority. Rarely does a company work solely with one client. Many of us at MVI work on a variety of clients' pieces on a daily basis, but when we get a call or request from a specific client, we give them our total focus. It is important to make each one feel as if they have your undivided attention.

-Be attentive to their needs. Listen to their wants, ideas, gripes and anything else they voice, and most importantly, be flexible. Ultimately they have the control over a project, so if they want to make a change, accommodate it. In our business, we get changes frequently from clients. We may have completed an entire section and it now has to be rearranged, or we need to make room for an additional ad. No matter the case, we work hard to fulfill our clients' needs.

-Be available. Make sure your client can contact you easily, whether through email, Skype, phone, etc. And if you are out of the office for any reason, ensure you have a back up person who can handle what they may need. We make sure to leave an outgoing message and automatic email reply with who our clients can contact while we are out.

-Be reliable. If you tell them you will call to discuss the project at noon—do it. If you say you will reach out to that source for them—make sure it happens. Keeping your word can be the most important step in gaining the trust of a client. That goes without question here. We follow through on what we say we will do.

-Offer suggestions. Some clients may have a clear picture of what they want. But many times, a client is looking to you to provide them with guidance. At MVI, we have offered up color recommendations, brand new designs and how to best lay out certain elements on a page, in addition to many others. It's important to use your knowledge and experience to work together in creating an exceptional piece.

-Keep them informed. Let your client know when they can expect an outline or proof. Or if an unexpected challenge has come up, make them aware of it, along with a plan of action to solve it. We make a point to let our clients know right away if any issues have come up. For instance, if text needs to be reduced to fit on a page, we can give them a few options to make that happen.

-Exceed their expectations. With any project, your main goal is to keep your client satisfied. But why not strive for even more and really knock their socks off? Impressing a client will garner great benefits for your business, as they are more apt to want to work with you again and will likely recommend you to others. We are living proof of this, as we have gotten new chamber business through another impressed chamber client.

Applying these principles to your business will allow you to build a trusted relationship with current and potential clients. If your clients feel appreciated, satisfied and completely taken care of, then your business has certainly succeeded.

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  • Hamilton County Recycling

    WOW this insert looks fantastic! Not sure if I was the only one that suggested it be double-sided and the font size increased, but whoever designed it deserves HUGE KUDOS! It is so much easier to read and the colors are great!

    Susan Schumacher

    Assistant Solid Waste Specialist

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